Back to St. John


I’ve been waiting since Sept. 6th for this day to come. Our original trip should have started on September 10th but Hurricane Irma ( and eventually Maria) had different plans. I remember being at work not focused on anything but what was happening to my beautiful little idyllic island that I loved. The pictures that first came out were horrific. The devastation seemed endless and overwhelming. Yet, when i stepped off the plane on Feb. 28th I knew it was all going to be okay. I could finally breathe and see just what some of the devastation looked like. It was AMAZING to see the progress in such a short period of time. I had so many emotions on the always breathtaking ferry ride over to St. John and as we got closer it still looked so beautiful and serene. As i learned throughout the week, however, its really not about the buildings and the palms and the gorgeous azure blue water. It’s ALL about the people. The people are why we continue to be drawn to this little rock, but more on the people later! Continue reading “Back to St. John”

ICW Northbound – MM 267 to 203 – Day 11

Our final day. I have a lot of mixed emotions about today. We have had such an awesome incredibly life changing trip full of growth and learning. And fun!! I’m really really sad to see it come to an end but I’m so sick that I just can’t wait to be home. I feel as if our sickness has really overshadowed the last two days as we both just want to get home and be able to rest. Continue reading “ICW Northbound – MM 267 to 203 – Day 11”

ICW Northbound – MM 456 to 335 – Day 8

We left around 645am for our 125 miles trek up the ICW to Ocean Isle. We were able to stay on a plane (25mph) for almost a solid 3 hours which helped us make really good time. We passed back through Myrtle Beach and the rock pile. This time it was at a lower tide and you could see more rocks. It was still an unnerving experience but we made it through just fine. Continue reading “ICW Northbound – MM 456 to 335 – Day 8”

ICW Southbound – MM 469 to 536 – Day 6

Today we headed to Beaufort SC. We are learning that the earlier we get up then the longer we enjoy the next destination. Beaufort will be our turn around point. We had hoped to go all the way to Savannah but most days it’s has taken us longer to get somewhere than anticipated. Sometimes this is because of heavy boat traffic ( Philip slows for sailboats so as not to rock them with the boat wake) and sometimes it’s because it’s choppy and Peyton is napping. Continue reading “ICW Southbound – MM 469 to 536 – Day 6”

ICW Southbound – MM 353 to 403 – Day 3

We woke up and went to breakfast with my parents in Myrtle Beach. We then hopped back on the boat said our goodbyes and headed south towards Georgetown, SC. Today offered nice cruising, wide waterways and few no wake zones. Some of the houses along the waterway are so large its unimaginable. How fun to sit on your dock and watch cruisers and sailboats all day?? Continue reading “ICW Southbound – MM 353 to 403 – Day 3”