ICW Southbound – MM 830 – Day 0


We awoke early and finished the three-ish hour hour drive to Daytona Beach. We then started the daunting task of getting the boat ready to splash at Halifax Harbor Marina. If you remember from our last journey, this is where we concluded our trip and took the boat out of the water. I can’t say enough good things about this marina! It’s a great facility, we knew what to expect at the boat ramp and knew it was a great option.


Even though we had loaded the boat with food, clothes and everything else we could think of ahead of time, it still took an hour or two of prep to get the boat in the water.ย  With putting up the eisenglass enclosure, strapping the generator down, the coolers and various other things, the list becomes almost endless.ย  I always ask Philip the same question before splashing, โ€œIs the drain plug in?โ€ He always rolls his eyes and says, “Nope”. Call me a nag but I feel it’s important to make sure ๐Ÿ™‚

We headed to the fuel dock to “fill ‘er up” and then made the easy trip over to our slip for the evening.ย  (Docking here ended up being one of the few easy docking experiences of the trip.) The rest of the night was spent enjoying the warm weather, organizing the boat, tying everything down appropriately and offloading ANYTHING we decided we didn’t need. The boat is only 27ft so any extra room to move is essential for my sanity.


We made our dinghy legal with its stenciled registration and then sat down for a cozy dinner on the boat. Tomorrow we plan to head to Melbourne, FL, a town I’m really looking forward to seeing!

ICW Southbound – Day 00



We awoke this morning full of excitement and anticipation for our third Intracoastal Waterway trip as a family. If we make it through this trip, we will have completed most of the ICW on the East Coast! Our previous trips were Beaufort, NC to Beaufort, SC (2016) and Charleston, SC to Daytona Beach, FL (2018). We overlapped a little on our second trip because we love Charleston so much! Our daughter, who is now 4, has made all of these trips with us, starting at 18 months. She loves every minute!


As we made our way south, we quickly learned that we weren’t the only trailer on the road. It was Bike Week at our destination of Daytona Beach, bikes and trailers with bikes were at every turn. The upside is that other people with trailers usually know how to maneuver around other people with trailers!


We made it to a sleepy little town called Darien, GA before we stopped for the night. The only reason we had heard of this town before was from previous ICW trips. It’s only a few miles off the ICW and has nice, FREE, town docks! The docks are walking distance to several waterfront restaurants. We settled into our hotel room and then headed to the waterfront for dinner at Skippers Fish Camp. It was the perfect evening filled with good food, water views, boats and GA bugs ๐Ÿ™‚ After staring at the water through our dinner of oysters andย  fresh-off-the-boat fish, we headed back to the hotel to sleep with great anticipation for tomorrow….splash day!