40 for 40 – Island #9: Lido Key, Fl


The Island: Lido Key, Fl 27.3121° N, 82.5761° W

Where: In Sarasota Bay, Fl encompassing St. Armand’s Key

How: You can travel from Sarasota or Longboat Key and arrive on Lido Key. A small but gorgeous island boasting white, powdery sand beaches, a few restaurants and plenty of nature to go around. Are you in love with Florida yet? We certainly are. 


Why: On this trip, honestly, it was just a quick pass thru. This island is definitely on our list to go back and visit and explore more. 


What: This island has a little bit of everything without having too much of anything. There are parks, great little neighborhoods, a restaurant or two and the whitest most powderyist sand I’ve ever encountered in Florida. The west coast of Florida is amazing in that each few miles you go, you encounter completely different shells, sand and topography. In Love for sure!