40 for 40-Island #20: Assateague Island, VA



The Island: Assateague Island, VA 38.0933° N, 75.2071° W

Where: Eastern Shore of Virginia…across the bridge from Chincoteague

How: Passing through Chincoteague, you go over a bridge and into Assateague, a beautiful uninhabited state park island.


Why: We planned to explore the beach and hiking trails on the island but the wind and mosquitoes made this impossible. Apparently, the island is known for having TERRIBLE mosquitos and it lived up to its name. We didn’t even get past our Jeep without being inundated with the little pests. And YES, we had bug spray. 


What: A gorgeous, uninhabited island, we loved the calmness and beautiful scenery. (We had a lovely driving tour :)) This island is also where the infamous Chincoteague ponies live and graze most of the year. Every spring, approximately 70 fouls are born and later swim to Chincoteague for the annual Pony Penning and auction.