40 for 40 – Island #4: Lovango Cay, USVI


Where: An island just N of STJ. www.lovangovi.com


How: By boat, dinghy or ferry The Lovango Beach Club ferry runs from St. Thomas and St. John to Lovango. The day we arrived we were in a dinghy and it was a bit choppy. We almost didn’t attempt it but changed our minds because it looked too gorgeous to miss. 

Why: Last stop on the dinghy tour! This Beach Club is new and we really wanted to check it out. 


What: The history of Lovango is rich in culture and legends. Today, there are full time residents PLUS a new fancy resort called Lovango Beach Club. I will admit I’m not a resort type girl but ALL the staff were friendly and welcoming even though our salty sailor attire didn’t match the gorgeous tropical resort decor. We will definitely be back!


40 for 40 – Island #3: Henley Cay, USVI



The Island: Small uninhabited island great for snorkeling

Where: Just north of St. John, USVI and Caneel’s beaches

How: This island can only be accessed by boat, dinghy, yacht or sailboat. There are some mooring balls just off shore for snorkeling.


Why: We love to snorkel! I’m not much of a scuba diver but I LOVE to snorkel. Being able to put on a mask and seeing what’s below the surface of the ocean is exhilarating and beautiful.


What: On this stop we saw fish and great coral and the non-snorkelers got SOAKED by a rainstorm!

40 for 40 – Island #2: St. John, USVI


The Island: St. John, USVI

Where: St. John is one of three main US Virgin Islands in the Caribbean 

How:  To get there, head to your local airport and take a plane to Cyril King airport (STT) then take one of two ferries (Crown Bay Ferry or Red Hook Ferry)


Why: We LOVE it! STJ was our honeymoon destination and has drawn us back many, many times. Philip first went in the 90’s with a marine biology class and first took me in 2008. Even our daughter who is now 7 has been 6 times. The community, the beaches and the crystal blue water brings us back over and over. If you’ve been then you know the mystical, magical enchanting lure this island has.  


What: This trip we went with friends to relax, explore and eat good food! While there, we relaxed on our favorite beaches, limed with our island friends, ate at all our favorite local watering holes and beach hopped on a dinghy.


40 for 40 – Island #1: St. Thomas, USVI




The Island: St. Thomas, USVI

Where: St. Thomas is one of three main US Virgin Islands in the Caribbean

How: To get there, head to your local airport and take a plane to Cyril King airport (STT)


Why: We love the Virgin Islands but typically for us St. Thomas is just a necessary stop to get to St. John, USVI!

What: There is something about the warm breeze that permeates the plane when they open the doors to St. Thomas. After a quick taxi ride to Crown Bay Marina we settled in to Tickles for lunch and wait for the ferry to St. John. From the airport, you can also head to Red Hook and take a ferry from there. Private boat options are also available.