40 for 40-Island #18: Isla de Lindsey, Cape Charles, VA



The Island: Isla De Lindsey, Cape Charles, VA 37.2679° N, 76.0174° W

Where: Okay this one we kinda made up! While vacationing in Cape Charles, we were sitting on the beach with all the other vacationers and marveled at the shallow water that went on for what seemed like forever. We decided to move our chairs to a little spit of sand that we could call all our own. 


How: While sitting there, over time we kept losing more and more island. It was the perfect little private island in shallow water while it lasted!

Why: This was one of the many reasons we LOVED Cape Charles. The beach is shallow for as far as the eye can see and is perfect for kids and adults alike who want their own space in the water and dont wanna get too deep. 

What: This beach is part of the Chesapeake Bay and goes on all along the western side of town. Cape Charles is an adorable little town with restaurants, shops and plenty of seafood. We really enjoyed biking, walking and golf carting as we explored the entire town.