ICW Southbound – MM 1150 to MM 1193 – Day 6


We left Mangrove Marina a little sad the next morning but excited to keep continuing towards Key West. Even though there wasn’t a wind advisory, it was still a bumpy ride in the wide channels as we headed to our next stop, Marathon Marina. We stayed on the inside channel today and the Waterway Guide suggested not to go thru Knight Key, a shorter route, but instead pass Knight Key and go down to Moser Channel (and under 7 mile bridge) and back up to Marathon. While Knight Key is supposedly dicey, we wished we had tried it. As soon as we rounded the corner out of Moser Channel, we were met with four foot beams seas and the wind against the current. It was a MISERABLE extra hour to Marathon.


We landed in a nice easy slip with a long finger pier at Marathon Marina and were happy for an easy docking for a change. We got on our swimsuits and made a pit stop at Lazy Days for Happy Hour food and drinks. We ordered several of the $3 appetizers to share and enjoyed the view of boats coming in and out of the harbor. We then walked next door to the pool that was part of the marina and enjoyed the cool water. 


After cleaning up, we walked around the corner to Castaways Waterfront Grille. They apparently had sushi and I was excited for some raw fish. While we didn’t get a “waterfront” (read:canal) seat we still had a great time and enjoyed the sushi! We also spotted a manatee enjoying some refreshing water from the rain spout. We then headed over to a place called Burdine’s. Its on the water and supposed to be a good time. They also had Key Lime Pie! Unfortunately, we were too late and they were closing for the evening. We headed home to sleep for our long adventure to Key West tomorrow!


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