ICW Southbound – MM 830 to MM 919– Day 1


We left beautiful Halifax Harbor Marina this morning headed to Melbourne, Florida. The ride was pretty slow going throughout the morning with manatee zones at every turn.  Luckily, it was a pretty ride with so much to look at. We quickly noticed that Manatee Zones and VERY large/nice homes seem to coincide…coincidence?


We were able to make up some time during the second half of our day which was much needed with the 90+ miles we planned to travel. We arrived in Melbourne just in time for happy hour!


After getting settled in, we went to explore the town a bit. The Melbourne Harbor Marina , where we were docked for the night was conveniently located within easy walking distance to town.


We quickly chose the Seafood Station for dinner. It was a quaint little building that used to be a gas station and outdoor seating under an awning. Unfortunately, they had a long wait and waiting for dinner with a child is near impossible. We were disappointed we didn’t get to try it, so we drowned our sorrows in pizza. My parents tried the Seafood Station shortly after and reported it to be excellent and worth the wait. We strolled around town window shopping in all the cute shops (It was Sunday) and then walked back to the boat for course plotting and planning for tomorrow. Melbourne was a gorgeous little town that I highly recommend stopping at…by boat or car!


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