ICW Southbound – MM 469 to 536 – Day 6

Today we headed to Beaufort SC. We are learning that the earlier we get up then the longer we enjoy the next destination. Beaufort will be our turn around point. We had hoped to go all the way to Savannah but most days it’s has taken us longer to get somewhere than anticipated. Sometimes this is because of heavy boat traffic ( Philip slows for sailboats so as not to rock them with the boat wake) and sometimes it’s because it’s choppy and Peyton is napping. Continue reading “ICW Southbound – MM 469 to 536 – Day 6”

ICW Southbound – MM 353 to 403 – Day 3

We woke up and went to breakfast with my parents in Myrtle Beach. We then hopped back on the boat said our goodbyes and headed south towards Georgetown, SC. Today offered nice cruising, wide waterways and few no wake zones. Some of the houses along the waterway are so large its unimaginable. How fun to sit on your dock and watch cruisers and sailboats all day?? Continue reading “ICW Southbound – MM 353 to 403 – Day 3”

ICW Southbound – MM 295 to 353 – Day 2

From Joyner Marina we headed down Snows Cut to Cape Fear River. The river was the worst water we have seen so far with bigger wakes and the navaids reversed. We really had to pay attention through this area. We then had a short stroll to Southport and had lunch at The Provision Company. This is a nice unassuming restaurant right on the water with all fresh local fish. Definitely our kind of place! Continue reading “ICW Southbound – MM 295 to 353 – Day 2”

ICW Southbound – MM 203 to 295 – Day 1

We left from Beaufort, NC with the intent on making it to Wilmington, NC. It was ambitious for day one and we ended up stopping in Carolina Beach,NC at Joyner Marina.


Even though we have boated for years, reading charts and looking at chart plotters is alot different than lake boating! We learned a ton on this first day.
My favorite part of the day was passing Camp Lejuene where this tank went over the bridge as we went under it! We also saw several choppers and there are typically training exercises taking place on shore.



We settled in to Joyner marina around 6pm. They put us inside the transient dock since we are right at the entrance to snows cut. The more protected slips are all 50amp power and no help to us. We got to work on dinner and meeting the neighbors. The only other boat on the transient dock was an older guy and another couple headed to Charleston. The guy told us how he and his wife took their last boat, a Bayliner very similar to ours, from MD to Key West and back to Panama City with 3 dogs. 3 dogs equals one baby right? What a fun trip. He also told us with tears in his eyes how his wife had died two years ago. I hope we were able to bring back great memories they made. Tomorrow, we plan to go til Myrtle Beach!

Date Friday, April 29, 2016
Depart Beaufort Docks, Beaufort, NC [map]
Arrive Joyner Marina, Carolina Beach, NC [map]
Beaufort, NC
High 75, Low 61
Winds NNW 9, Gusts to 16
Visibility: 9 Miles
Carolina Beach, NC
High 81, Low 65
Winds ENE 7, Gusts to 20
Visibility: 9 Miles
Miles Traveled 95.43 SM / 82.93 NM
Fuel Purchased 56 Gallons
GPX Route ICW SB – Beaufort, NC to Carolina Beach, NC

Beaufort, NC – The Beginning

So after losing a day to trailer brakes and a long exhausting drive/put in at Beaufort we settled in at Beaufort Town Docks. I could go on and on about this quaint little town but the important thing is I got my Key Lime Pie and Mahi from Spouter Inn. Amazing! We went to sleep anxious for our adventure southbound the next day.

Date Thursday, April 28, 2016
Depart The Boathouse at Front Street Village, Beaufort, NC [map]
Arrive Beaufort Docks, Beaufort, NC [map]
Beaufort, NC
High 75, Low 68
Winds SW 11, Gusts to 26
Visibility: 10 Miles
Miles Traveled 2.36 SM / 2.05 NM
Fuel Purchased 42.5 Gallons
GPX Route Boathouse at Front Street Village to Beaufort Docks