ICW Northbound – PostCard Inn at Holiday Isle – Day 13


We woke up to yet another small craft advisory but who could complain when you are staying at PCI? As I brushed my teeth that morning I had a little friend watching me from the water thru my bathroom porthole. I went up top to investigate but he seemed to disappear. I went back to the head and there he was peering up at me again with his sweet little manatee eyes. I grabbed my daughter so she could get a peek too. 


 We spent the day lounging at the pool, enjoying the beach and resting in a cabana on repeat throughout the whole day. At one point, the pool had to be shut down (poop!) so we headed back to our cabana for more rest and relaxation. We met several others staying at the resort/marina/hotel and even chatted with a woman who used to work for a company who did boat refits. We indulged in the nachos once again for lunch at PCI and then again at Ciao Hound for dinner. Did I mention there is also a Starbucks? If we don’t come home you know where to find me.


After dinner, there was a one man band at the tiki bar conveniently located near our boat and our firepit. We watched the sun dance on the water while being serenaded by the music.