ICW Southbound – Key West Bight – Day 10


Today offered more rain and more wind up to 30mph. No big deal…we weren’t planning to move anyway. We dodged the rain down to the Mel Fisher Maritime Museum to explore the story of him discovering the wreckage of the Atocha. While I would never be a good treasure hunter, I love watching shows about them, especially when gold is involved! The museum had tons of stories of Mr. Fisher’s adventures and loads of treasure to explore! We could have stayed all day but the crew (our daughter) grew restless quickly.


The rain stopped just as we were leaving the museum so we meandered thru the streets and shops until we landed back at Schooners Wharf. The guy playing music was AMAZING so we stayed a bit and of course had some mozzarella sticks. 🙂 We were close enough to the marina to start some laundry and go back to listening to the music.


After laundry, it was time for happy hour so we headed to Duval and Lucy’s Retired Surfer Bar. This quickly became one of our favorite spots as the prime seating is outside on a porch overlooking Duval. We then headed back to the boat and met, Captain, a sweet cat on the houseboat across from us. The rest of the night we relaxed, folded laundry and enjoyed the sunset. We also got to witness all the sunset cruise catamarans coming back into dock. There are SO many of them coming in and out but they are amazingly aware of where all the boats are and know exactly how to enter and exit the narrow entrance.